About Us

TimeClocker was created and developed by contractors, for contractors, for the sole purpose of making your job as a construction site supervisor easier-a lot easier.

We believe keeping track of time sheets, invoices and where your employees are, shouldn't slow you down. With TimeClocker you have a native mobile application that takes much of that burden off your desk. It allows you, your employees, and subcontractors to concentrate on the business at hand. The result is a smoother work flow process.

As contractors, we know what it's like to field questions from customers anxious about their site's progress. TimeClocker's ability to enhance your performance goes a long way towards easing these tensions. Deadlines can be met with greater confidence; questions about a site's progress become easier to answer. Client relationships become less adversarial and more cooperative. And that's always an improvement in your day.

How We Got This Idea

We came up with the idea for TimeClocker because we were sick of wishing something like this already existed. Trying to organize piles of paper--like timesheets and invoices--as well as tracking down which employees were at which site was driving us insane. We decided to tackle the problem head-on. We knew what aspects of our business were hardest to manage and we figured those were the same that drove other contractors around the bend too. We decided to concentrate on the following areas:

  • Kill the paper! If we accomplished nothing else, we wanted to get rid of all that paperwork. Organizing dozens (hundreds) of pieces of paper is inefficient, time-consuming and frequently inaccurate. Digitalizing a job's paper trail was a must.
  • Better accountability. If we send Joe to Site A and we want him to be there at 10 a.m., then that's what we expect. We don't expect to play "Where's Waldo" with our crew.
  • Dependability. We wanted an app that did what we needed it to do without crashing, freezing or losing information. No buggy software allowed.

TimeClocker literally saved my business! I was swimming in paperwork, my invoicing process was out of control, and worst of all there was no accountability factor for logging my employees' hours.