Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of phone do my employees and I need?

    You (the supervisor) don't need a phone to use TimeClocker. You'll access all the info you need from the website's dashboard. You employees will need either an iPhone or an Android-based smartphone to use TimeClocker.

  • How do I tell if someone has clocked in?

    Go to TimeClocker's dashboard to check who's in and who's out at any site you choose.

  • How do I switch plans?

    There are two ways to do this. If you're using the single-site plan and you've finished one job site, just archive that job. That allows you to open a new job site without upgrading your plan. If you're using the single-site plan and you need to add two or more job sites, follow the commands to upgrade to a larger package.

  • How safe is my data?

    It's very safe. Any financial data is routed through a secure, encrypted system. Your records and files are kept using cloud-storage technology and additional back-up servers to ensure no data will ever be lost, no matter what.

  • Do I need to download software?

    Nope. It's all stored on the web. You don't have to do, or download, anything.

  • Can you cheat the TimeClocker system?

    No way. After employees and subcontractors clock-in using the QR Code, they're also tracked by TimeClocker's GPS feature. Stray too far from the job site and the GPS reports the individual as having left the site.

  • What if an employee leaves for lunch?

    Any time an employee leaves the jobsite they will automatically be clocked out and must clock back in when they come back on site.

  • Can I use my buddy's phone?

    As a security measure, TimeClocker is linked to each individual's phone number. If someone else tries to use your phone to clock in then you'll be clocked out and will not recieve credit for your hours worked.

  • How many workers can I have on a site?

    You can have as many workers using TimeClocker as you'd like. There's no limit.

  • How do I get help if the app malfunctions?

    In the unlikely event of a problem, email and one of our support staff will contact you to resolve the problem.

  • I changed an address on a Jobsite but it won't let me clock in?

    When you change an address, you must make sure that the map has updated properly. While on the edit screen, be sure to update the zip code or click in the city field again to refresh the map. Once the map is updated to the correct location the geofence will update and clocking in will work.

  • When adding a new jobsite, TimeClocker can not find the location and displays coordinates of 0,0?

    Try a different zip code or a slightly different address and the map should update.

  • I logged in as the wrong user on my phone and I need to log in with a different phone number, how do I log out?

    You must completely delete the application, all data, reinstall, and log in with the correct phone number. This is meant to prevent workers from 'gaming' the system.

  • I have a worker who is stuck clocked in and can not clock out?

    This would happen if you've either archived or deleted a job site. Make sure all workers are clocked out of a job site by checking the workers tab before archiving or deleting a job site. If you have simply archived the job site, unarchive it and have the worker clock out. If you have accidentally deleted a job site with unresolved workers, you need to manually add a clockout time to the worker in the workers tab, then have the worker reboot his phone.

  • What if my smart phone doesn't have a data connection?

    TimeClocker relies on a data conection to the server in order to clock users in and out. You'll need to either be in range or wifi, or have a data plan on your smarphone.

  • My employee's battery died, lost his phone, or other situation where the hours don't match the time worked.

    Don't sweat it! TimeClocker's admin interface lets you manually edit any employee's time card to reflec the actual time that employee was on site!